You already know my name otherwise you would not have made it this far. I was born in Waalwijk, The Netherlands. I have lived in Drunen for a number of years now. After secondary school I read English (Nijmegen University) and I have been employed as an English teacher since 1974 (in Waalwijk since 1978).             
From a very early age I have been interested in all aspects of the Second World War and I still am, particularly in the war on the Eastern Front and the liberation of the south of The Netherlands in 1944 about which I wrote a number of  books. After publishing my first book  in 1979 with my close friend Maarten Swarts (see Booktitles) we felt like doing more and since then Maarten and  I have published a number of books about local and regional history and, of course, the Second World War, including one in English, as well as an article about the 51st (Highland) Division soon to be published in the well-known After the Battle magazine.

Other hobbies, apart from the Second World War about which I have collected hundreds of books, are fantasy, horror, science-fiction. This probably also explains why I wrote a few books on this subject (see Booktitles: Children’s Books). Of course the Master is and always will be Tolkien (Yes, I possess the Dutch first edition in three volumes, the first foreign language edition to be published) but I also enjoy Bram Stoker, Sheridan LeFanu, Stephen King, Dan Simmons to name but a few.

Of course I have several other hobbies to keep me from getting bored (how do people manage to get bored by the way?): aircraft, building model kits (mainly, but not exclusively Luftwaffe 1939-1945), painting, comics (Tardi, yes!), Symbolist Art …