Strijd Tussen Maas en Duinen

Een fotoverslag van de gebeurtenissen in de Langstraat van september 1944 tot mei 1945. (Waalwijk 1979)

Together with Maarten Swarts (maps and design). Title: Fighting between the river Meuse and the Sand dunes. This small size book (22 x 15 cms) has only 128 pages. It is a brief history of events in the Langstraat (Waalwijk and surroundings) between the liberation (end of October 1944) and the end of the war (May 1945). It is largely based on newspaper reports and diaries. It contains about 100 photos some of which Maarten and I found in the photo archives of the Imperial War Museum in London. The captions are not always correct and were later amended by us in other books. The cover design was made by Maarten. People interested in the Polish 1st Armoured Division may recognize the left hand side of the drawing!

Out of print.

Einddoel Maas

De Strijd in zuidelijk Nederland tussen september en december 1944. (Weesp 1984)

Together with Maarten Swarts (maps and design). This book (A4 size, 224 pages, 300 photos) was published in the fall of 1984 to coincide with the remembrance activities concerning the Liberation of the south of our country. The title means: Objective Meuse. The fighting in the South of the Netherlands between September and December 1944. It is based on extensive research of  primary sources (war diaries from both sides) and contains many photos published for the first time. The book is still a very good read, among other things due to Maarten’s  fantastic maps. We also received help from A.Korthals-Altes (author of a book about the Battle for Overloon) and Karel Margry (currently European editor for the After the Battle Magazine). Once again the cover is by Maarten. A pity the publisher cut costs on the quality of the binding!

Out of print.

Waalwijk tussen Oorlog en Welvaart

De jaren 1946-1964 in beeld gebracht. (Drunen 1989)

This is the first book that Maarten and I published together. We set up a publishing firm for the occassion,called De Zwaardvisch (the Swordfish) after our favourite comic by E.P.Jacobs. The book (A4, 120 pages, hundreds of photos) is a kind of sentimental journey through the fifties in Waalwijk and in our own lives. The title translates as Waalwijk between War and Prosperity. A pictorial history of the period 1946-1964. It is fun to read, it was fun to make, in brief a book to relax even if you were not there at the time.

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Provinciestad in Oorlogstijd

Waalwijk en omgeving 1939-1945. (Drunen 1991)

(Title: A provincial town in wartime. Waalwijk and environs 1939-1945). The second book made and produced by Maarten (design and maps) end myself (text). Again A4, 272 pages and over 300 photos.  I am particularly proud of this book as it is not only a fund of information but also still highly readable. This was very difficult because it has to deal with so many different subjects one after the other (mobilisation, liberation, war victims, food distribution, Holocaust, resistance, Fascist organisations etc) and still provide a continuing narrative. Once again mainly primary sources were used as well as interviews and letters (from among others Scottish liberators from the 51st (H) Division).

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Brabant Bevrijd. (Hulst 1993)

(Literally: Brabant Liberated). This book is an amended version of Einddoel Maas, concentrating solely on the Province of Noord Brabant and leaving out the fighting in the provices of Zeeland and Limburg. A4, 283 pages, many new photos (in all: 300+) were used in comparison with its 1984 predecessor. Highly valued by the official Dutch Military Historical Section of the Army.

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Colin, the 51st Highland Division in Brabant 1944. (Drunen 1994)

Together with Maarten Swarts (maps and design). As the title makes clear this book is in the English language. It was produced for the veterans of the 51st who visited Brabant in 1994. Of course Maarten and I had a few extra printed to sell to anyone interested. A4, 56 pages, the last 15 about the towns liberated by the Highlanders. Foreword by General Sir Derek Lang.

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Driekwart Eeuw Provinciestad

Waalwijk 1920-1995. (Drunen 1995)

Together with Maarten Swarts. (Literally: 75 years Provincial Town). This book (A4, 176 pages, 310 photos) is mainly about building in Waalwijk during the 21st century and shows the changing skyline of the three towns that merged in 1922: Waalwijk, Baardwijk and Besoijen before the big merger between Waalwijk, Waspik and Sprang in 1995.

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Waalwijk en de Wereldoorlog

Zes verhalen uit de jaren 1939-1945. (Drunen 1994)

Title: Waalwijk and the World War. Six stories from the period 1939-1945. With Maarten Swarts (design) and Jan van Oudheusden (three chapters). Intended for secondary schools. I wrote the stories of the burgomaster (Moonen, executed by the SS), the liberator (Nairne) and the resistance fighter (Wachtels van den Berg), Jan wrote the chapters on the Dutch soldier (Wagemakers), the student (Verwiel) and the Jew (Van Adelberg). Again a Zwaardvisch production, A4, 56 pages, around 50 photos and some appendices.

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Besoyen, een kleurrijk verleden

Beschrijving van Besoyen met nadruk op de laatste honderd jaar. (2003)

Besoyen, een kleurrijk verleden, describes the history of the Western part of Waalwijk, where both authors grew up. The book is unique as it contains over a hundred colour pictures of the fifties. It was published by the writers themselves and it is still available.

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Autumn Gale


At the end of 2011 the history of schwere Heeres Panzerjägerabteilung 559 and Kampfgruppe Chill during the period 6 September until 6 November 1944 was published, once again in cooperation with my friend Maarten Swarts. The book, written in English, will be in full colour and number almost 500 pages. Five years of research are the foundation of this story which reveals many new facts about the battles in Belgium and the Netherlands in the autumn of 1944. The book also contains scores of never before published pictures as well as copies of original military maps.

Due to be published: autumn 2013