Vriend Vermist (Friend Missing)

This is the cover of Jack Didden ’s latest thriller. The title is ‘Friend Missing’. Curious? I shall lift the corner of the veil…

David has a nightmare. Hasan, his best friend, has been kidnapped. Rubbish, of course. But when David is at school the following morning Hasan has disappeared without a trace. Maybe it was more than a silly dream after all. Together with Inge David tries to find out what has really happened. The first clue is a sim-card. But whose is it and what is the PIN-code? And why are they being followed by a mysterious car?


De Verboden Kamer (juni 2004)

Robin is at a loss. He wakes up in a hospital bed and his mind is a complete blank. The funny thing is that nobody seems to know who he is either. Together with Martine he goes in search of what lies behind his amnesia and it turns out to be uglier and more dangerous than he had bargained on. She is the only person he trusts. Or is that because he has secretly fallen in love with her?



Vampierhandboek.  (Amsterdam 1997)

Literally: Book of Vampires. After my close friend Paul van Loon had asked me to contribute one chapter to his Book of Horror, I wanted to write more of the same. I was highly pleased therefore when he asked me to write a book on vampires with him. It is a fun and very informative book which unfortunately is sold out now. A pity, because it was the only Dutch language book on the subject. It told you how to recognize a vampire, how to kill one, how to become one, where he appeared in books, movies, comics, etcetera. Also translated into German and some other languages. I keep a few copies for real collectors. Size: 14 x 21,5 cms, 194 pages, illustrated (Camilla Fialkowski).


Weerwolfhandboek.  (Amsterdam 1998)

Because my friend Paul van Loon was too busy writing other books the publisher asked me if I was willing to write a similar book on werewolves. Of course I jumped at the chance! The book was drafted along the same lines as the Book on Vampires. Very informative but sold out too. I have a few copies for people who really need one. Size: 14 x 21.5 cms, 198 pages, illustrated (Camilla Fialkowski).



Geheime Operatie.  (Amsterdam 2001)

The publisher asked me to write a thriller for children aged 11-15. This is the result. Title: Secret Operation. One day Paul is startled to find there are burglars inside the house. Before he fully realizes what has happened his mother is shot dead. Why and by whom? He ends up with foster-parents but the mystery gets bigger all the time: who is his real father, why does he keep dreaming of a boy who is mortally ill and do his relatives really live in the USA?

Size: 13 x 20 cms, 140 pages.

Still available.

Het Fotomysterie.  (Amsterdam 2002)

Another thriller for older children. One day Miriam comes home to find her parents missing and the house ransacked. The police fail to find a trace and Miriam decides to investigate the disappearance herself. Why did her mother leave five names on the wall and why did she hide the photos? The kidnappers turn up and take Miriam and suddenly she herself is in danger!

Size: 13 x 20 cms, 146 pages.

To be published in September 2002